Tagami Yusuke, led by a mysterious voice, is summoned to another world, "Caltsio".

A man who was once called the world strongest agent ended up becoming a teacher after his retirement to train the new generation of agents.

Zu Huaixuan, a child raised in an orphanage, signs a contract with Yi Yang Shigong to travel into the underworld and to become a Bai Wuchang (a good spirit cop) in the god's army in order to save a teacher who is very important to him.

Hotta Youta is killed while returning home from work on a cold evening. He wakes up being carried by a bunny-eared woman! Featuring Reincarnation, Guns and Harem, its a Gun vs Magic Story that gives Hotta Youta a new life... and an edge!

From Batoto:Kikuno Kei, nicknamed "Kay", is a normal university student and a part-time hitwoman.Raw Comic

It's 217 AD, several decades after the end of the "Pax Romana," and the Roman Empire is still the most powerful empire in the world.

Her memories of being a military geek in her previous life awaken and she remembers she's in the world of an otome game she played in her previous life.And what's more, she's what people refer to as a 'villainess'.In the game, the villainess is destined to face a destruction ending, but this girl

"Will an interracial romantic relationship work out?! Aren't vampires that kill my parents?" I start to think about this when I met the harmless white-haired vampire? He seems different.

France in the 18th century just before the French Revolution. Marie Antoinette, is betrothed to be Louis XVI of France consort and being the next Queen of France. Unfortunately, on the road, her carriage is attacked by a group of "immortals".


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