France in the 18th century just before the French Revolution. Marie Antoinette, is betrothed to be Louis XVI of France consort and being the next Queen of France. Unfortunately, on the road, her carriage is attacked by a group of "immortals".

If a telepath, a clairvoyant, a vice detective, a ninja with super reflexes, a spirit medium, an oil magnate, an extremely lucky boy, and an extremely strong man were to fight it out in a rock-paper-scissors tournament, who would you bet your money on?

From Easy Going Scans:Lord Perdien is a 1st class demon who has been living in the human world with his son.

2022, Japan's non-workers regeneration method has been established. A person who does not have income for more than six months, is subject to a treatment where they rewrite their brain at a regeneration treatment facility. Tatsuya Kamijo was working in a foreign-owned investment company. Manga HereUnity of Heaven Manga Summary:Unity of Heaven and Earth is an action-packed manga set in a fictional modern society.

The Twelve City, a land governed by the leaders of the families who bear in their names the Chinese zodiac. In a city where youkai and humans coexist, the cat youkai who holds a grudge against the Rat Family appears in front of Nekuni Kyouichi, the head of the Rat Family.

The kingdom of Sergei has a problem. The creatures of darkness known as Phantom Beasts have been appearing with increasing regularity, and attacking the populace. Allemande, the Second Princess of the kingdom, has been tasked with keeping the peace.

Reiji and Kasuga head out to Tokyo to become the "Gods of Rock," but they seem to always attract trouble. On their way, Hayama Ryo and Fujii Ran join them in their quest.


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