The Wrong Way to use Healing Magic manga summary:

A mangaka and her salarywoman roommate come to realise that their feelings of friendship might actually be something quite different.

Knights are gallant figures, defenders of kingdoms, noble souls who would sacrifice themselves for their king and should be looked up as examples for all society.

From Intercross:Ria has been going out with her boyfriend, Jiro, for almost half a year now, but they haven't "done anything" yet. Jiro loves to dance...but it seems like he cares more about dancing than Ria...?! Who knows if they could gain their last 1% to their relationship...

Ritsu first comes to know Katagiri as a customer of the flower shop he works at. Their relationship begins to change when he finds Katagiri dejected over a failed romance and comforts him.


A lamb surrounded by wolves gets a guard dog. But is the guard dog the most dangerous wolf of them all?!This is a oneshot from the manga Ijimerarekko.

A manga series of the giant Batosupi! franchise concentrating on the daily life of the Battle Spirits club at high school, rarely focusing on actual card battles. The two main characters are based upon the characters in Toppa Bashin, Batosupi's anime.

Amane Anzu, a high school student, is actively looking for a boyfriend. However, most candidates tend to quickly lose interest when they find out she's actually a real divorcee. And if that's still not enough to drive guys away, the fact she has a daughter usually does the trick.

Comical sidestories from within the main series' timeline and featuring some new characters.Collected in Volume 28 of the main series.


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