Visible Only to You summary:
May my comfort reach you! A fantasy romance to heal your heart.

Description :

Description :
A tale of one woman's revenge. After being sent to prison for attempted murder, Nami Matsushima struggles to survive torture from the guards and her cellmates, so that she can escape and take revenge on the man who's responsible for all her pain.

Shadowrun summary:
Based off of the roleplaying game of the same name, Shadowrun (also known as Shadowrun: Tokyo) is a manga following the exploits of the street mage Hashizou and his group of fellow Shadowrunners in the 6th world.

Tokyo Alien Brothers summary:
A story about two aliens that were sent to earth to scout for resources and their adventures in Tokyo

Madame Petit summary:

Tomodachi Gokko (YAMADA Daisy) summary:

Hayate x Blade summary:

It's My Life summary: