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Madoka is a high-school student who loves cute guys.
Shikura, who works part-time at her family’s restaurant, is an incredibly handsome young man, but also has an incredibly unpleasant attitude…?!
[Blueberry Scans]

Get Married When You Grow Up! summary:

Utakata no Minato summary:
While everyone knows the story of the sea, no one knows the story of the deep sea.
"Minato Wadatsumi" was born and raised in a port town. But unfortunately for him, he has an extreme phobia of fish.

A Beastly Scandal summary:
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Peter Grill is known throughout the land as the world's strongest fighter. He has a girlfriend who he's steadily trying to get closer with. Life is good for him. Until he realizes that dozens of women, who want to bear strong children, are all vying for his seed.

Machigitsune to Hito no Ko summary: