The protagonist Souta Sengoku, a normal high school student is targeted by Maris Hiduki, the reincarnation of Kaguya Hime. Maris is trying to find the way to go back to the Moon and she drags him in because she assumes that Souta is the reincarnation of her servant.

From Lililicious:In Your Color, a girl goes to the same high school as the girl she admired in middle school, her senpai in the Art Club, and ends up modeling for her when she has to leave the track team due to injury.

I was born to be a hero, to be the one to defeat the Demon Lord, but...Entry no. 43 in the 3rd Club Sunday Cup.

Seto is a serious kid who leads a quiet High-school life, until he starts to get teased by resident Gal Anjo.

When a girl passes by her classmate in a corridor, she notices a sweet fragrance she's never smelled before. She asks the other girl about her shampoo but still can't find the scent's origin. Just where did it come from?

A short 4 page story about a boy who likes another boy.

A foxy temptress. A strange misty tree demon. A girl with the power of the goddess Xianjia! Being caught between these women is a feat in it of itself, but our hero Feng Xi must fight in order to protect the peace and save the world!Links:Original Web Manhua

This is a story of a male youth named "Ren" who seems to have dreams of girls. But recently he had a dream of his childhood friend from grade 1 and calls it a nightmare. He seems like a funny guy and is very unlucky with girls.


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