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Kimi no Koto Tabeteii? summary:

Tearmoon Empire Story summary:

Fushigi no Kuni no Arisugawa-san summary:

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Monochrome Lovers summary:
One day, suddenly, an angel came descending from the sky!?

Zettai Watashi no Koto Suki Daro summary:
Sayaka's friend, Mako, is a bit weird. And she's totally in love with Sayaka. Or maybe not?

A Succubus Yuri Story summary:
The daily story of some succubi.

Slow Motion wo Mou Ichido summary:
Though no one in school aware of it, Ootaki-kun, a first year high school student, is a big fan of 80's songs and idols. One day, he found out that his classmate that sits next to him, Yakushimaru-chan, have the same interests as him...

Tomodachi Gokko (YAMADA Daisy) summary: