Hirano to Kagiura summary:

Dependency X summary:

Two-Faced Teacher's Night Class summary:
Mini Mi who had run into huge amount of debt got a job in a bar, and found a great secret -- the gentle teacher at school would become the cool poker-face boss in bar! Damn! Would Mini Mi be killed by the scheming teacher?

Spice Girls (Ohsawa Yayoi) summary:
1. Spice Girls2. Mizuiro Method3-4. Sensei, Sotsugyou.5. Tonari no Oyome-sanSerie included many short stories: - Many chapters haven't been scanlated yet.

Poker Face Cross-dresser summary:
A guy unexpectedly receives chocolate from his classmate Sentarou Yamanaka on Valentine's Day. If that wasn't surprising enough, Sentarou does this while dressed as a girl.

Scorching Romance summary:
If you don't want to die, date!
A romance story of a girl named Hwa-Ja full of heat trying to live her life.

I'm Thinking of Quitting the Villainess' Entourage summary:
Diet... to avoid the Bad End!

Red Velvet (Andrian Adilia) summary:

Mata, Kataomou summary:
“A one way route” A weird strange feeling (?). A love romance
The girl who was always [confessed to], how will she reply?!

Koukishin wa Joshikousei wo Korosu summary:
Studying, club activities, slipping through time, bumping into aliens and travelling to Saturn.
The everyday life of two curious schoolgirls.