The story of two extra-ordinary people in ordinary love.Original Webtoon

"The stars that don't shine in Tokyo surely do shine in a different town..."TSUTSUMI Koutarou, who couldn't be a senior at a college-oriented high school in Tokyo, moves into Himi City, Toyama Prefecture with his relatives and spends one school year there."I wouldn't be able to shine for the rest

When Alice's parents were killed when she was young, she saw the killer and promised to herself that she'd kill him. Little did she know that when she went to high school, the killer would become her teacher.

Sharon's parents died in an accident. They left her in the care of their close friend, Mrs Mu. Sharon entered the noble academy as the basketball star Minz's younger sister...

A girl who is head of a martial arts club, suddenly transfers schools to meet with "Him". On her first day as a transfer student, everyone mistakes her for a boy with good looks; what's worse, her teacher sends her the boy uniform.

A story about a girl with a special "gift" in the form of a single wing on her back. She's lived her life behind closed doors, trying to hide this gift from everyone else.She tries to lead a normal life, but on her first day of high school, her secret is found out by another girl...

A "fearsome psycho-thriller" centering on "the dark side of adolescence." The manga centers on Kyōtarō Ichikawa, a person at the very bottom caste of his school, and who hides murderous impulse that lurks at the very bottom of his soul. [ANN]

About Maou (demon lord); his daughter, Hana; and the heroes. They and others demons transferred to human world after their own world destroyed. It is the story 10 years since they came to demon world.

These two childhood friends might be completely different in looks and personality but they're close and they understand each other better than anyone. That's what they thought, but is there a storm on the horizon?


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