Nightmare World summary:

Kazumi thought he was good friends with a boy he had known for ten years, Rihito. One day, while they were out in town together looking for a shop selling masks for their school's masquerade ball, Rihito suddenly disappears.

Destined to Be Eaten Within a Year By the Predacious Heroine summary:

Shingou-san wa soko ni ari summary:

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Description :
When countless of my classmates were addicted to the super popular game “Battle of the Gods”, I was not tempted. This game is highly realistic, based off of powerful historical generals and mythical figures, where they battle against each other!

Rockman Dr Wily's Revenge summary:
After taking down Dr. Wily's previous attempt at conquering the world, he's back to his old tricks and yet again, it's up to Rockman to foil his plans!

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Nano Machine summary:

Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai summary:
A story about the humble marriage of a corporate slave salaryman and a housework robot.