Franken Fran Frantic summary:
The wacky adventures of Fran, Veronica and the other strange creatures continue.More experiments, more medical miracles and more wondrous surprises.

Auto Hunting summary:

Useless Ponko summary:

The sudden crisis brought the earth directly into the OL era, and all mankind was reduced to the palm of unknown forces. Everyone became a first-class trumpet. In the cruel era of the weak and the strong, the high school student Ye Hao could only rise to three.

The world is submerged, and sea monsters rule the earth.
Will Bota and his family ever make it to safety, and escape this aquatic hell?
...And who in the world is Kana?!

Eirun Last Code summary:

Task Force for Paranormal Disaster Management summary:
A classic kaijū manga by the author of BTOOOM!

When a motley band of traveling performers have a deep-space collision with another spacecraft, they find that the sole survivor of the other craft is a humanoid infant.

Kowloon Generic Romance summary:
The greatest labyrinth of the 20th century, a drama for working men and women in a town called a Kowloon walled city. Daily adult romance in a gentle dystopia, a new life gently.