GTO - Paradise Lost summary:

Over Rev! summary:
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Over Rev is a manga about a senior graduate named Ryoko. A while back, she injured her ankle in a track meet. Since then, she didn't know what to do with her life, until she finds out about street racing...

Witchcraft Works summary:

Itonami itonamezu summary:

The Reincarnation Magician Of The Inferior Eyes summary:

Koushiki Ekkyouden - Fukumoto All Stars summary:

Subaru to Suu-san summary:
Mio and Subaru live together in a small apartment avoiding attention. While they masquerade as siblings with an age gap, Subaru holds a secret.

After two years of being dormant inside Tsutomu Senkawa, an accidental encounter with their old nemesis violently wakes Birdy up. With Birdy kicking evil's ass once again, the dark secrets of the experiments conducted by the "Agni" corporation are slowly revealed.

Tadokoro-san (Tatsubon) summary: