Bring the Love summary:

Cruz was reincarnated as a low-class demon into Makai, the underworld. In her past life, aimed to be an A-list pâtissière, so now she’s bewildered by the jet-black food of this world! However, she was touched by the kindness of the demons around her.

Shitsuji-tachi no Chinmoku (SAKURADA Hina) summary:
From Chibi Manga:
A noble's daughter, Kyouka, picked up a man long time ago. The man is beautiful, but he is unkempt. He has somehow become her butler, but he must not commit this crime towards 'his lady'

Harukanaru Jikuu no Naka de 6 summary:
From Transcendence

Chihiro-kun wa, Atashi Holic summary:

Prometheus Vinctus summary:
Answer the unsolved cases! Why is Prometheus taking on the mysteries of mankind!?

Visible Only to You summary:
May my comfort reach you! A fantasy romance to heal your heart.

Sengoku Night Blood summary:

Oredake ni Kamatte Maka-senpai summary:
When you are afraid to talk to girls and you can't be honest.
My childhood friend from two classes above me, is the beautiful and cool "Maka-senpai"
But only I can talk about "magic" with her!!

One Life, One Reincarnation summary: