Slice of Life

After serving his jail sentence, Yongho is determined to start anew for the sake of his single mother... However, he learns of an existence of a girl who is bedridden because of him.
Somehow, Kaori ended up working at Hotel La Vie en Rose—where the employees are handsome young men who treat their guests as if they were princesses. She is victimized by Kyuno, the mysterious receptionist that nobody knows anything about...
The main character of the manga, a young man called Shizuku Kanzaki, discovers the beauty of wine after his father, a famous wine critic, dies and leaves an unusual will: a description of 12 wines he considers to be the best in the world, comparing them to Jesus Chris
When did love start? Kisses tasting of cigarettes. The view from the veranda. In this small corner of town, they gradually fall in love.
Chen, unlucky enough to be born and raised in the slums, unknowingly pickpockets the industrialist and son of a mafia boss, Paul. But instead of being punished, Paul buys Chen a set of expensive clothes!?
After getting hit by the flush handle of a toilet, Agueda "Agu" starts seeing weird creatures that resemble various things.
An innocent boy, who has spent his whole life sheltered from the world in a hospital ward, meets a mysterious young man, claiming to be an acquaintance of his father. The boy's naivety may very well save his life, but at what cost?
A short comic series featuring 7 high school guys and their crazy antics.
A story between two 4th year high school students: Nate Niemrod and Mica Angella
Chance and the last basket of eggs brings two people back together on a rainy night. The past, their days at university and all that made them important to each other is placed before them again.


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