Slice of Life

After failing Japanese history, Mio was forced to go to extra cram classes. Finding his Japanese history teacher, Fumichika, to be quite understanding and kind, Mio couldn't help but feel an attraction towards him.
About growing old with the one you love.
On campus, student council secretary Oniyuri Itsuki and student council president Himeyuri Shizuku are popular total opposites. While their respective fans are divided into factions, their actual relationship is....!!
B Gata H Kei revolves around fifteen-year old high school student Yamada, whose lascivious nature causes her to aspire to one day achieve sexual relations with one hundred different partners.
A bittersweet story of young love. An original work, published as a doujinshi at C79.
Decades ago, the tiny town of Hanaizawa was cut off from the rest of the world by an invisible wall, a wall that nothing living can pass through. The younger residents have grown up only knowing the outside world through what they see and hear in the media.
Collection of short stories.
  • Red Umbrella, White Umbrella
    About two friends and their ideas about femininity.
  • Stuffed Animals' Insides
  • All alone except for her loyal mutt Lupin, 18-year-old Suguri moves from the countryside to the big city to find a career and a new life!
    In her first job at a pet store, she meets an assortment of quirky dogs and even stranger owners!
    Scene: The School Rooftop
    The story of a deaf person living in Korea


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