Slice of Life

Description :
The everyday life of Nakano, a salaryman working for an exploitative company, is suddenly intruded upon by the Kitsune, Senko-san (800 Years Old - Young Wife). Whether it be cooking, cleaning, or special Service(?)... she'll heal his exhaustion with her tender "care".

Delivery Cinderella summary:
Yamada Masami is just an ordinary college student; however, she has a secret. At night, just like magic, she transforms into the beautiful Deriheru Miyabi. A modern Cinderella story now begins.
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Kitsune to Pancake summary:
Little girls that look like little animals – Kon-chan, as well as her friends Baru-chan and Yume-chan. They live in the care of a human father in order to grow up, and have a very fun and exciting daily life.
A wonderful, cute, soft and fluffy story.

Takatsukasa Hikaru  ends up under the care of a young calligrapher, Kuzukiri Kiyomizu, after her father dies.
It started as a oneshot. Started serialization in Lala issue May 2020.

From ANN: The "slightly sweet tipsy couple comedy" manga centers on the 28-year-old senior public relations company staff member Chisato Mizusawa. The story follows Chisato's daily life as she enjoys her husband Sora's cocktails. Chisato has secrets that only her husband knows.

Denpa Kyoushi summary:

Description :

Description :

My New Wife is Forcing Herself to Smile summary:
A Samurai is worried about the fact that his wife always seems to wear a forced smile whenever she's with him.

Neeko wa Tsurai yo summary:
Niito Nemuko, nicknamed Neeko, is 23 years old and still unable to find a job. This is her everyday life as she struggles with the fact that she's basically just a NEET.