Paperakyu summary:
The tale of a young boy with an infectious disease called "Paperakyu."

The Eyes of Sora summary:

Description :
'Kim Shin', a special killer who has sharpened his sword for revenge,
and his life with 'Absolute Power' in the afterlife!

Yomawari Sensei summary:
The author, a high-school teacher, recounts his 12 years on "night patrol" in Yokohama City, where he comes face to face with youth dealing with issues ranging from self-mutilation to drug abuse.

Description :
12 girls are imprisoned in a mysterious prison.
Fighting their way through this unjust and abnormal conditiions, these girls have begun a life and death struggle.
A harrowing little girl prison escape survival!!

Aidin summary:

LJ, a woman who vowed to change the destiny of the villain. Azef, even if she has to trample everything on her path. Will she be able to save him while keeping her magic crest a secret at the same time?

Mitarai-ke, Enjou suru summary:

War's Unwomanly Face summary: